Voice Actor

'NFL Films Presents': Tommy Brasher

Latest Projects:

​Part 1 - Narrating Super Bowl Recap Show​

Part 2 - Narrating Super Bowl Recap Show

Part 3 - Narrating Super Bowl Recap Show

Leonard Dozier Narration Demo

Leonard Dozier Commerical Demo

Leonard as one of the new voices of NFL Films

'NFL Films Presents': Tommy Brasher 

"Say No To Taxes" TV Political Spots
"Spreading the Word Series for JAARS"

Upcoming Projects.

"Leonard to narrate Marlene Banks' novel "Gunmen of Nicodemus"

Past Highlights:

ADDY AWARD Winner as the official voice of Boomtown Casino
One of the official voices of Centerlight Healthcare
Narrated of the the film Apostle of Freedom, the first landmark film about Bishop Richard Allen in which he also stars.
Narrated Dr. Creflo Dollar's "8 Steps to Create the Life You Want"
Voice of the NCAA Recyclemania campaign by Coca Cola
National Annoucer for Ruben Studdard's "Love Is" album
Special guest public address announcer for professional team A.C. Surf
Narrator for African Art Exhibit at Kannert Museum