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Great review of "Christmas Kind of Way"

Great review by Stubby's House of Christmas.

You know Leonard Dozier, even if you don't know that you know him.  OK, maybe not from his days as a high school basketball star in the Cape-Atlantic League.  But certainly you've seen him on stage, in movies, TV shows and commercials.  And, if you're a football fan, you must know Leonard Dozier.  Or at least you know his voice.  One of the top Voice Actor/Voice Over artists in the business, Leonard is one of the voices of NFL Films--the one who got to narrate NFL Films' highlight reel for the Philadelphia Eagles victory in Superbowl LII.  Can you imagine a Christmas record from John Facenda?

The difference between John Facenda and Leonard is that Leonard Dozier has also long been a singer and songwriter.  He's released a couple of albums and a handful of singles to date (my personal favorite of the latter being "Fly", which came out earlier this year).  He's currently working on a new album, "Sunday Word", titled after an inspirational blog Leonard also does (this cat don't ever sleep).  And, though it's a decade old, I specifically want to point you to Leonard's other holiday record, "This Thanksgiving", because, Lord knows, there aren't a whole lotta good Thanksgiving songs out there.

Leonard's Christmas single is "Christmas Kind of Way", released September 16, a smooth soulful slice of mistletoe magic.  There are a couple of things I really like about this holiday ballad.  First, the sax player absolutely kills it.  I don't know who that is but, if he cuts a record of his own, I want to be first in line to buy it.  But, second, Christmas songs are all about the mood, and Christmas covers a lot of moods.  I think, mentally, I jump immediately to either solitary late night snow showers or Christmas morning excitement (complete with kids and chaos).  The romantic songs I mostly think of as falling between those two (e.g. candlelit dinners or evenings cuddling by the fire).  "Christmas Kind of Way" gives me Christmas morning for two people in love--without the kids and the chaos.  I like that.  I like that a lot.  That's a Christmas experience worth experiencing.  And, of course, topping it all off, are you going to complain about vocals from one of the voices of NFL films?  I'm not.

You can find "Christmas Kind of Way" by Leonard Dozier on Bandcamp.  And keep your eyes peeled for "Sunday Word", coming soon.  Leonard's just beginning to hit his stride.


In honor of all the Underdogs, including our Philadelphia Eagles!

Today the Philadelphia Eagles receive their Super Bowl rings after bringing the city it’s first Super Bowl victory. No better way to celebrate the Underdog spirit that has always been the city of Philadelphia and all of EaglesNation. One of the greatest honors of my life was narrating the Super Bowl 52 highlights for NFL Films Presents and on this day Eagles Nation and Philadelphia I salute you as I get set to release my new single “Underdog” on July 27th (the song was recent...ly performed on the Q show on Fox 29) and I’m happy to announce here that my “Celebration of the Underdog” tour will kick off with my band at Warmdaddy’s on July 12th
My special thanks to my guy Kamili Feelings for this tribute video to YOU Philadelphia and EaglesNation featuring the new song Underdog. Shout out to my songwriting partners and producers Michael Troy Downing and Paul Frederick Watson on this.

Yes Philadelphia “Rise Up, Get Up

UNDERDOG from Leonard Dozier on Vimeo.


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