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Catch Leonard Dozier's Inspirational Keynote Speech at the New Jersey Conference on Tourism

My keynote speech from yesterday at the New Jersey Conference on Tourism left an incredible incredible impact. I can't even begin to describe it to all of you. I’m incredibly thankful to the dignitaries present and the treatment my wife and I received and to the opportunities that were presented to me along with sentiments about a run for office. NOPE LOL don't see that folks....but I also didn’t see keynote speaking either. I’m reminded that the good Lord laughs at our plans.

A few minutes ago I received a message from the Director of Marketing and Public Relations who booked me who stated:

Hi Leonard,

Just wanted to let you know that the Executive Director of the NJ Division of Travel & Tourism referenced your speech in his presentation this morning. He talked about all the great assets the state has and said, “As Leonard Dozier said in his presentation yesterday, they’ve always been here.” I thought that was pretty cool.

Also, a number of people mentioned that we should have had you as the 1st speaker of the day because you were so motivating. You hit a home run brother.

I grew up in Pleasantville and am proud to call New Jersey home.

I want to thank Malachi Oliver, a young man I mentor whom I've brought on to work for me, for his work in documenting this. Robert Williams, my PR man (who truly has more roles than that) and the New Jersey Conference on Tourism for caring enough about our state to keep New Jersey going.

It was one of the great honors of my life to be a part of this.


Leonard Dozier keynote speaker NJ 2018 Conference on Tourism

Leonard Dozier will be a keynote speaker during session two at the NJ 2018 Conference on Tourism at the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City on December 5, 2018.
GENERAL SESSION TWO MOTIVATIONAL PRESENTATION 3:45 pm –5:00 pm Speaker: Leonard Dozier, Actor, Voice Actor, Singer, Songwriter Description: With two acclaimed albums to date, a new single gaining momentum and a third record in process as well as his increasingly busy schedule as a voice actor, the married father of five reflects with justifiable pride, “I’ve achieved the first two goals I started out with when I began my career behind a microphone a few decades ago - doing my first Hollywood film (Legends Of Oz) and working with NFL Films and there’s nothing like it –truly, the sky’s the limit!”



The Story of Sonny Lea

Though I could not be present at today’s funeral, with the family’s blessings I produced and narrated this short documentary about my dear friend and barber Sonny Lea. This was heavy for me and still is because I saw him just a few days before he passed and as soon as I walked into the shop he said “Doz, I was just thinking about you man.” In my 15 years of him cutting my hair he had never said that to me. I can only wonder but those words ring out to me as I continue to think of him and even grieve. He would often say to me “Doz, you remind me of a younger version of me.” I knew why he felt this way and he made it clear (too much to dive into here) He was one of the greatest men I have ever known and I wanted to use my gifts to celebrate him in the most magnanimous way possible. Thinking of you today my friend on this day so many celebrate you.‚Äč Please watch below.


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