My Ordinary Person

My Ordinary Person

"Life is happening FOR you." Digest that for a little bit. The more you embrace it, the more you realize it is, without question, credible.

I first heard those words from Aaron Bomar, a man who has become one of my dearest friends in the world. He's something special folks and he is the real deal."Life is happening for you." Not only do I continue to hear those words--even to this day--but I can hear Aaron saying them in his trademark, never-to-be-mistaken southern drawl. Now, this is a man whose own life story can hardly be mistaken for 'life happening for him.'

He grew up in a foster home. He was an alcoholic, drug user and gambler. All three threatened to take his life. He even got in on the act by threatening to take his own. In fact, this native of Cincinnati found his way roughly 7 miles from where I grew up, in Atlantic City. America's Playground was more than the recess he needed and he was kicked out of the Atlantic City Rescue Mission and led to Bethesda Mission where his life would start to take a 360 degree turn. To go through life without another drink or drug would be the penultimate of accomplishments. That is extraordinary in its own right. To become an actor recognized and celebrated by so many is damn impressive.
 I have shared the stage with Aaron Bomar. In fact, the most powerful scene I have ever done either on stage or in front of the camera happened with Aaron last February at Open Stage in August Wilson's "Joe Turner's Come and Gone." The scene was riveting and it's, in large part, due to the prodigious talents of Aaron.

Life is, indeed, happening for us. It happened and is happening for this once ordinary, troubled man whose story is a great triumph of the human spirit. Most don't overcome what Aaron overcame. Most remain captive to the slavery of addiction. Not Aaron. Aaron went to acting school and then straight to the stage and eventually to TV and film where he recently had a role in the Investigation Disovery Channel's "Southern Fried Homicide." 

He had a feature role in the episode Bleeding Heart. He also had a principal role in the film Easy Hustle. Finally, he is now entering the world of voice overs and just completed a spot for Goodwill in Harrisburg,PA.

Yes, Aaron Bomar made it. He is a phenomenal actor and an even better human being. He's also no stranger to a good prank, as you will witness here in this backstage clip from "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" at Open Stage in which we both co-starred ( It was customary during fight call each night to go through the fight choreography for the final scene in which my character stabs Aaron's character, ultimately killing him. Well, courtesy of Aaron (and another dear friend and actor Ronnie Banks) my knife flash was met with guns, which is NOT a part of the script. My initial reaction says it all. LOL! It was gut-busting hilarious.

I couldn't be more proud to present Aaron Bomar to the world. Get to know him and get to know him well. In fact, start right now, right here:


Not only is it my hope that more people discover the man and talent that is my friend, but it is also my wish to help further his career by setting him up with a top headshot photographer by which all he will need to do is show up and be the incredible, gregarious, and amazing person that he is.


Aaron Bomar. Extraordinary.


If you know of anyone that should be considered for my "Ordinary People" blog or would like to be considered yourself, feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It is my fervent desire to share extraordinary stories of ordinary people with the world in an attempt to promote the best of humanity, inspire others and foster a climate where God becomes more real in the everyday lives of people.

Until next time, take care of yourselves and each other.


Leonard Dozier




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My Ordinary Person