My Ordinary Person

12972 687194764640889 916531627 nMeet Brenda Phillips. A 25 year old with a model's beauty and a passion for the youth. Let me rephrase: For Our Youth.

I have gotten to know Brenda a little bit over the past, let's see, two years or so. I got to know her even better several months back when we met. She was sick as a dog but over pizza and chicken wings she told me her backstory. What a story! Abandonment, trauma, despair--all a part of her past. As she sniffed up the cold trying to contain and conquer it, I tried not to sniff up tears. Then, like the plot in a movie you don't see coming she talked about making a difference. She didn't just talk about it like you talk about the latest episode of R&B Divas. Nah! She did something that totally caught me off guard. She went deep in this passion and the deeper she went, the more she doubted until she finally exclaimed, "I don't know how I'm going to do this!"

I've been there. In 1996 I had a vision to start a theater production company as a junior in high school. I said the same thing until I started dropping the "ubt" in doubt opting to hold on to the first two letters "do." I locked into her eyes and just went Nike on her, saying "just do it."

We traded stories of life, lessons learned and finally she started to drift asleep. Somehow, not feeling as if I helped her enough the words "follow your heart" came to mind and led to a song that has now come to be named "Lead Your Heart" that will be released soon. I said my good night and began formulating the following:

How do I start?

Where do I start?

Questions, questions, questions like these put your life on hold

Answers breed more questions truth be told

Lead your heart, lead your heart

Your heart

That's where you start

Lead you heart

Lead your heart

Lead your heart

Yes, your heart

Be who you are

Lead your heart


We have been brainwashed to believe that you follow your heart. However, your heart is filled with varying emotions and can sway based on the smallest of winds. If Brenda follows her heart, she will likely never get her much-needed and deeply inspirational organization WeCare off the ground. If Brenda follows her heart, the troubled young females that lack the attention and caring she missed as a young girl will remain in her conscious as a reminder for her own troubles. Yes, if she follows her heart, the T-shirts and merchandise she is funding with her own hard-earned money as a medical billing specialist to raise money for her first WeCare activity (a girls night out Pajama jam) will be nothing more than a tax write-off.

But if she leads her heart...If she, as a fervent Christian, lets go and let's God and puts her total faith and him and just moves in accordance with his perfect will, then WeCare will become.....WATCH THIS! WORLDCARE! I'm not suggesting that the name of her organization will change; I'm simply suggesting that the world will take notice and our youth and our universe will be better because of it.

I have already taken notice and it's why I have chosen to donate all sales from the Itunes release of my new single "Rock" to her cause and organization. Thus, by supporting my single you are supporting her. More importantly, you are saying "YouCare."

I'm so proud of Brenda. She lives her life in a way that many do. She goes to work and then she goes to work. Yes, she works two jobs. Often, in the conversations we have had I have merely been an ear. I'm glad I have the ears to listen. Sometimes it truly is the difference in someone remaining ordinary or being extraordinary. I make no claims to be the cause of Brenda's extraordinary nature. My honest belief is that she was just born that way!

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My Ordinary Person