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The Story of Sonny Lea

Though I could not be present at today’s funeral, with the family’s blessings I produced and narrated this short documentary about my dear friend and barber Sonny Lea. This was heavy for me and still is because I saw him just a few days before he passed and as soon as I walked into the shop he said “Doz, I was just thinking about you man.” In my 15 years of him cutting my hair he had never said that to me. I can only wonder but those words ring out to me as I continue to think of him and even grieve. He would often say to me “Doz, you remind me of a younger version of me.” I knew why he felt this way and he made it clear (too much to dive into here) He was one of the greatest men I have ever known and I wanted to use my gifts to celebrate him in the most magnanimous way possible. Thinking of you today my friend on this day so many celebrate you.​ Please watch below.

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