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DATE:  Jan. 9, 2019
Philadelphia, PA
            As the Philadelphia Eagles head toward their next playoff game, a song written and performed by an area actor-singer resonates even more.

         That song is "Underdog," by Leonard Dozier.
          It might seem that "underdog" is an expression of pride in the Eagles -- who in February 2018 won their first Super Bowl ever.
         But Dozier, who has released four albums and a dozen singles, didn't write the song with the Eagles or the Super Bowl in mind. "Underdog" debuted in April 28 as he was interviewed on the Q on Fox29, inspired in general by "people who are disillusioned and disenfranchised, as a pick-me-up song."

            But the connection to the Eagles seems obvious -- A video with clips of the Eagles, interwoven with Dozier's soundtrack, followed in the summer of 2018, after the team's Super Bowl win.

            "The song seems to be a theme of the team, which really rises as an underdog and wears underdog masks," said Dozier. "It seems again, as they continue in the playoffs, that the football gods are on their side."

            Dozier's association with the Eagles was serendipitous, almost like an "alignment," he said. An experienced voice actor as well as stage actor, Dozier narrated the Super Bowl highlights in a half-hour documentary for NFL Films Presents.

            An ADDY-award winner for his voice work, Dozier noted other expressions of that "alignment." He received an invitation to attend a gala last June to announce the formation of a new Faith and Liberty Museum in Philadelphia. The Eagles' head coach, Doug Pedersen, was the speaker. Then, at a mentoring event in which Dozier participated, one of the panelists was former Eagle player Hollis Thomas.

            In September 2017, Dozier was added to the Eagles roster of voice talents.

            Add the fact as a young man Dozier dreamed of becoming an athlete, adding: "I never thought I'd go into the arts."

            Now, in part, thanks to his association with the Philadelphia Eagles, he at least has a taste of being involved in sports.
            "Underdog" is on Dozier's new album, "Sunday Word," released in October 2018.

Links: https://youtu.be/CzR_N2kr_ZE (Video)

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Leonard Dozier keynote speaker NJ 2018 Conference on Tourism

Leonard Dozier will be a keynote speaker during session two at the NJ 2018 Conference on Tourism at the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City on December 5, 2018.
GENERAL SESSION TWO MOTIVATIONAL PRESENTATION 3:45 pm –5:00 pm Speaker: Leonard Dozier, Actor, Voice Actor, Singer, Songwriter Description: With two acclaimed albums to date, a new single gaining momentum and a third record in process as well as his increasingly busy schedule as a voice actor, the married father of five reflects with justifiable pride, “I’ve achieved the first two goals I started out with when I began my career behind a microphone a few decades ago - doing my first Hollywood film (Legends Of Oz) and working with NFL Films and there’s nothing like it –truly, the sky’s the limit!”

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