In 1997, in an effort to revive the artistic culture in my hometown, I created Cineplay Productions, a theater production company design to amalgamate the worlds of cinema and theater. In fact, it was a bit of a forerunner to the early 21st century Broadway trend of adapting movies into stage plays. Today, almost three decades later, Cineplay Productions has expanded into album releases, audio productions, podcasts and more with a mission to foster the artistic and spiritual ascent of humanity. While the breath of our work has been far more expansive than what you see below, it’s greatest work is forthcoming and will have a major impact on the world. Stay tuned.

Freedom's Eve

This gripping and powerful homage to the origins of the “Watch Night” service for African Americans makes its debut to churches across the nation this New Year’s Eve. Available via Vimeo On Demand here:

Your Story​

Most often, the story you tell of your departed loved ones is relegated to an obituary. Yet, the story that will best remember and celebrate their life…the story you want to tell about them needs to be seen, heard, and felt. Fully produced documentaries using your images, your memories, your words…telling YOUR STORY!

Sunday Word Podcast​

The mission of Sunday Word is to engage and inspire those seeking to begin and end their week with those things that are honest and true, pure and right, lovely and admirable and excellent and worthy of praise in an effort to glorify the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.

Voice Over

“Let Your Voice Be Seen”

Recognized by SAG-AFTRA for his “Get Behind the Mic” workshops around the country, Leonard has quietly become one of the most sought after voice over coaches and mentors in the profession…with one of the only marketing programs among coaches for fellow voice actors.

The Art of the Video Demo

The process:

With a sharp eye on the kind of HD and 4K footage used for cutting edge, national TV commercials, Leonard and his team utilize footage in a way that properly engages Fair Use laws to create re-branded video demos for voice actors. These Fair Use laws are as follows:

  1. using the footage in an entirely transformative way;
  2. using original audio (your demo);
  3. not claiming ownership of the footage, not taking any credit for it, and not affecting the business or success of businesses and/or individuals involved;
  4. the product itself is not-for-profit.


$600/60-70 second commercial demo – Order now!

$300 for two clips from commercial – Order now!

Learn the craft and business of voice acting via Leonard’s “Get Behind the Mic” Virtual VO Conservatory on the Shop page.

Stage Productions

From A Raisin in the Sun to The Mountaintop to Apostle of Freedom, Leonard’s career began as a producer and entrepreneur in the 11th grade. Check out this excerpt from “Apostle of Freedom”

“Heartfelt, original, moving, and expressive. Leonard Dozier succeeds at anything he puts his mind to, and the music on this album stands as a testament to that. The songs on The Tears I Cry illustrate his challenging journey with evocative songwriting, top-tier musical performance, and excellence in production to tie it all together. Fans of classic, modern, and out-of-the-box R&B styles will find so much to enjoy on this album.”
– Ark of Music

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