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Get Behind the Mic with Leonard Dozier in Salt Lake City, Utah

Get Behind The Mic

Seminar will cover four phases:
1) The basics of voice acting, technique and vocal preparation... how to use Your Voice. The industry needs all types of voices!
2) Careers in voice acting (commercials, audio books, documentaries, animation and interactive media).
3) The business of voice acting, the major players in the business, union versus nonunion, creating work opportunities for yourself, producing your demo.
4) Putting your voice and skills to the test (recording real scripts on the spot, simulating auditions, and you will receive a copy of your work)!


In 2012, after years of encountering everyday people with an interest in pursuing voice over work, I devised a plan to teach one workshop near my hometown. One became two, which became three and so forth, resulting in a full scale workshop tour that has resulted in more than 100 students among various cities, many of whom have worked with me extensively to go to the next step in their careers….the students, the partnerships with numerous casting directors and performing arts entities has resulted in one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Group Pic in Seattle

Behind the Mic in St.Louis

Behind the Mic in Seattle

In the Classroom in Portland

Behind the Mic in DC

In the Classroom in San Francisco

Behind the Mic in Portland

Behind the Mic in San Francisco

Behind the Board in Boston


Testimonial for Leonard Dozier
“Leonard mixed his real-world experience with some great behind-the-mic opportunities for everyone in attendance, no matter what their level of experience. And along the way, he’s able to put faces with names and really tailor what he’s saying to each individual in the room.  Truly remarkable – and a measure of the drive for service that is such a big part of the man!” — Harold Phillips

"It truly was an excellent workshop which was full of such useful up-to-the-moment information that Leonard generously and merrily shared with us all, going way over the designated ending of the class time. It didn't bother him at all. I  didn't leave until 3:30pm and the class should have finished at 2:00pm. It was worth every minute.” — Suzanne Owens-Duvall

"There's so much to learn from Leonard... Not only about the voiceover industry, but how to be an exceptionally patient and kind individual. I'd highly recommend him as a teacher, mentor and artist.” — Lucy Pachall

Having seen Leonard perform in several theater productions, I jumped at the opportunity to take his Voice Acting Class. I was glad I did. The initial training was very good and the coaching sessions were excellent! I have continued on to learn the technical aspects of the business. This has been a very rewarding experience for me.

Cathy Broadus

Expertise, one on one attention, identification of strengths and identification of areas for improvement; these are just four gifts received weekly by a student of Leonard Dozier.
For years, I wondered did I have what it takes to break into the voice actor/talent industry. Sure, I receive compliments on my speaking voice, however, does a professional think the same? I took a chance and invested in myself; one of the best decisions I ever made. I attended the Saturday workshop in 2015 and left feeling blessed to have met a giant in the voice acting/voice over industry. His warm smile eased my nerves. His impromptu examples of delivering copy proved he is a master at his craft. A student, as his on-site assistant, was evidence of his commitment to his word. His pre-test, breathing exercises, type and template pointers proved he was an educator. I enrolled in his six month courses,  looking forward to the Skype sessions and homework assignments sent via email attachment. Leonard's class content, timely feedback, encouragement and support exceeding all expectations. I am early in my voice acting/ voice over career, however, I am confident I have been provided the best foundation possible to make supplemental income and make my mark as a female voice talent in a competitive industry.  

Shaashawn-Harrisburg, PA

I just wanted to let you know that I was just offered a voice over job on a local film being made in January. I'm so excited! It's a project I mentioned to you in our phone conversation - one which I kind of thought "what the heck - these are people who know me, so I'll just take a stab at this electronic submission thing." The demos did their job! Thank you so much for the part you played in bringing this work to me!
Best, Terri

"Hey Leonard,

I hope all is well. I just wanted to let you know that my voice over career is doing well. I booked a job for California Realtors of America and White Castle this year. I cannot thank you enough for all your help and support. My question for you today is my friend is Hector is trying to break into the voice over world. Will you be having any classes in NY anytime soon. If so can you please send me the information so I can relay it to him.
Thanks again and God Bless" - Barry Gibbs

" From one teacher to another, you were entertaining, informative, and so kind. You even stayed late to make sure all of us could record which was quite generous." Dana Kinsey-Harrisburg, PA

"The most wonderful acting class I have ever attended" Emily Norwood-Ocean City, NJ

“You display a real passion for what you do and not only am I glad I attended your workshop, I’m just as glad to have met you.” Joe Voegler-Pittsburgh, PA

“What a great day..what a great inspiration you are. Thank you for sharing your experience but moreso the passion for what you do. That’s what sold me on you.“ Mike Makofsky-Philadelphia, PA

“Mr. Dozier, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you very much for taking the time to lead such an informative and great session about voice-overs, voice-acting and the industry. I, personally, learned a lot from you” Bill Larsson-Philadelphia

"Thank you Leonard for sharing all of your knowledge with us in your class today. You are such an uplifting and positive person and you made me feel that I can really do this!!! Even though you're a Broncos Fan, I will take all that you taught me to heart. You are an amazing person and I wish you all the best with your career."

Wayne York-Kinder/Student from Seattle Workshop

I would highly recommend Leonard's Voice-Over Workshop to anyone who is interested in learning more about the wonderful world of voice-overs.Leonard is obviously very skilled as both a voice-over actor and as a teacher. And very generous in sharing what he knows.  In a short amount of time he provided an abundance of excellent information about doing voice-over work from both the technical and business perspectives.  He also provided opportunities for us to "get behind the mic" and read some actua voice-over copy, which he sent to us a couple of days later, along with encouraging, constructive, personalized feedback.  Besides soaking in all the useful information he provided, it was also lovely to soak in his presence as a person.  His energy is very positive and uplifting to be around.  His caring was tangible.  I don't believe you'll find a better teacher or a finer human being to learn from, or a better price for the quality of instruction and support he provides.  Leonard is a light.  Do yourself a favor and let him shine on you!  You'll be glad you did.


“There are unique and talented voices in our industry. Leonard has one of the most beautiful voices in the industry.” Dave Giorgio, Founder of SpokenBooks Publishing

“A kickass actor” Carman Spoto, director of Hylo and founder of Swine Films

“ Leonard replaced Hollywood actor Delroy Lindo to narrate “Apostle of Freedom”. Not only was his narration spot on but was as good if not better than any talent I have worked with.” Phil Katz, director and producer at History Making Productions

From the newsroom

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