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Voice Over Coaching

In 2012, after a few years of encountering every day people with an interest in pursuing voice over work, I devised a plan to teach one workshop near my hometown. One became two, which became three and four and so forth, resulting in a full scale workshop tour that has resulted in hundreds of students all across the country and even a few around the world, many who have worked with me extensively to take that next step in their careers. The students, the numerous partnerships with casting directors and organizations like SAG-AFTRA along with master classes for a number of organizations and entities has resulted in some of the most rewarding experiences of my life.


What’s in the Conservatory?

What exactly is this? It is one of the most comprehensive modules assembled by an individual coach/producer giving you a lifelong, personal and virtual conservatory to help you fully and practically pursue a career in voiceovers.

Why was this created? Roughly a year ago, after 9 years of coaching, traveling and teaching and producing I decided 2019 would be my final year of coaching (though I still coach individually on an extremely limited basis) I love teaching and I love, even more, helping people fulfill their dreams because it took someone seeing something in me to help me achieve success in a career I didn’t even consider. While I have never advertised my coaching services, the referrals are always there and will be there and at some point I realized I’d have more students than to whom I could truly give 100% one-on-one. Yet, the years have allowed me to navigate the inside world of voice overs, both as a voice actor and as a coach. Over the past year, I have tactically put together programs that would help students see and gauge the VO profession from the inside out and not the outside in.

What’s in it? Individual recorded coaching sessions with students in commercials, animation, promo, political and audiobooks. Includes coaching manuals for commercials, animation, audiobooks and narration.

  • 2 recorded demo production sessions with sample demos to provide guidelines as to what your demos should sound like in today’s market.
  • Go inside the do’s and don’ts in the business today in a recording with one of the industry’s legendary VO agents.
  • Share in the experience of learning the inside ropes of the Commercial, Video Game, VO Casting, Political and Audiobook Worlds in recordings with some of the top creatives in the business who met with my students live in August.
  • Learn more about the world of promos and political VO in a recording hosted by me.
  • 3 recordings of Q&A sessions with students where almost every imaginable question to be asked about the VO industry could be asked.
  • 3 recordings of Marketing sessions with students where they learned the same tactics that have led me to be a voice for major brands like the NFL, Ipnos, the NBA, Nascar, JAARS and many others.
  • A glimpse of my work in studio for various genres of VO.
  • 2 recordings of a live critique of students work in a competitive “3 in a Row Series” held last winter.
  • Want to get a better understanding of what the creatives are thinking when you audition?
  • Read written feedback from 2 industry creatives and listen along the recordings from students as you read along.
  • Practice scripts for you to record with written evaluation from me once per month for the first 3 months after receiving the package.

If interested in the program, visit the “Shop” section of the website.


Leonard is an amazing voiceover coach!

Leonard is an amazing voiceover coach! His enthusiasm for the craft of voice acting is infectious, and his patience with students as they absorb and put into practice the skills he teaches creates a wonderfully comfortable learning environment.


Leonard is a smart guy...

Leonard is a smart guy, and not just in the techniques of voice acting. He is sensitive, caring and surprisingly down to earth. His advice and help with marketing has been invaluable. It has been fun and enriching working with Leonard for the last two years and I can’t wait to do more.


There is so much to learn from Leonard...

There is so much to learn from Leonard…not only about the voice over industry but also about how to be an exceptionally patient and kind individual. I highly recommend him as a teacher, mentor and artist.


This has been a very rewarding experience for me

Having seen Leonard perform in various theater productions, I jumped at the opportunity to take his voice acting class. I was glad I did. The initial training was very good and the one-on-one sessions were excellent. This has been a very rewarding experience for me.


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